Murmur of the Land

The mind always works in curious ways. And it comes up with such unexpected associations sometimes that it leaves one wondering about the ‘how’ of it. Curated here are three random photos of blooms taken over a long span of time and space. And my mind has associated three different scenes from three different fantasy films with them. 


This is another series of image-inspired poetry, well almost poetry, that I penned down after trailing through the Binsar Forest, near Almora in Uttarakhand, India, on a certain May day. It was a wonderful summer morning and I bimbled through the quiet of the forest amongst the pristine flora and fauna of the Himalayas. While…

Star-crossed Lovers

This is a small series of image-inspired poetry, well almost poetry, that I penned down one stormy night while I was going through a few photographs I had shot at Qutub Minar, New Delhi, India, sometime in 2010. These monuments have always been art incarnate to me standing the test of time. This series of…


This blog post is a curation of three different experiences I had with daffodils, spread across a few years of my life. The common thread of all these three moments are darling daffodils.

The Conch

The Conch as a gift,
as a symbol and
as a harbinger of an ancient knowledge.

Colour and Brush

I did a bit of brush and colours this afternoon. After ages. Not an artist. Just randomly churning out my paintbrush in any direction.


I began my collection of stamps when I was in the second standard. Sometime in the nineties.


Summer afternoon. Lonesome. Dark skies outside the window. Sirimiri. Thunderstorm around the corner.

​Nouveau départ

Nouveau départ is French for new start or new beginning. I have always believed that one can begin anew any moment one wants to. It does not have to be a new year or a new day.